Kwewok Nakii

Thoughtful and dedicated Women’s led Collective with over three decades of experience in social work, education, arts based practice, policy, Indigenous methodologies, community engagement, management and consultation.


“Based on your expertise in the area of trauma in Indigenous women and children, your team recognized the need to augment the Connections Aboriginal curriculum with a component related to the promotion of cultural competency directed to Indigenous communities where culture and tradition has been deeply eroded as a result of colonization and genocide. Facilitators who attended the certified training were asked to complete an evaluation tool before and after attending the training. The tool assessed awareness, capacity, and confidence regarding engaging vulnerable families, supporting families experiencing interpersonal violence, safety delivering an interpersonal violence intervention, providing culturally and safe relevant programming for families in the community, among other relevant topics. Facilitators were also asked about their satisfaction with the structure and content of the training experience, the cultural relevance and safety of the training, and the level of preparation and knowledge of the presenters, among others.

We found the facilitators reported higher levels of awareness, confidence, and capacity after attending the training compared to before the training. We also found that 100% of the facilitators reported high satisfaction with the training.”

Mary Motz , Ph.D., C.Psych Mothercraft/ Breaking the Cycle

“In my undergraduate class, Laurie introduce the students to necessary Indigenous historical contexts, pre and post contact, policies past and present and important cultural information. Her knowledge of early childhood, youth, families and women’s issues allow her to speak to a broad rnage of historical and current issues facing Indigenous communities, urban and rural. Laurie has the sensitivity to allow people to enter into complex discussions and acknowledges where each learner is at. My students always shared how much they learned and how comfortable they felt asking questions.

Laurie has a special gift for making people feel comfortable while imparting challenging contact. Her knowledge of federal and provincial policy is outstanding. Laurie would be a tremendous asset for Indigenous cultural competency training. Her in depth knowledge, combined with her professionalism, passion, and commitment to support TRC initiatives would be of incredible value to any organization. Each time I have Laurie as a guest or hear her speak, I deepen my knowledge and strategies on how to move forward. It has been a privilege to have developed such a close professional relationship with her”

Marni Binder, Associate Professor at Ryerson School of Early Childhood Education

“Their knowledge, facilitation skills, and comfort sharing pieces of their own stories make their training on mental health and Indigenous cultural competancy necessary for all adolescent mental health agencies. I feel their training is an essential piece to learning how to engage Indigenous communities respectfully and with an understanding of their histories. The training itself is interactive, suggested action steps, used stories, humour, activities and history.

They took the time to understand the specific work of our agency to make the training as relevant as possible. The afternoon portion was spent putting knowledge into practice and making a concrete plan for our agency to move forward. Laurie and Brianna have an almost uncanny ability to gain trust and respect immediately by virtue of the depth of their knowledge on issues facing Indigenous people today.

I recommend Laurie and Brianna to any professional group seeking to educate and inspire its members”

Carly Kalish, Executive Director Victim Services of Durham Region