“In my undergraduate class, Laurie introduce the students to necessary Indigenous historical contexts, pre and post contact, policies past and present and important cultural information. Her knowledge of early childhood, youth, families and women’s issues allow her to speak to a broad rnage of historical and current issues facing Indigenous communities, urban and rural. Laurie has the sensitivity to allow people to enter into complex discussions and acknowledges where each learner is at. My students always shared how much they learned and how comfortable they felt asking questions.

Laurie has a special gift for making people feel comfortable while imparting challenging contact. Her knowledge of federal and provincial policy is outstanding. Laurie would be a tremendous asset for Indigenous cultural competency training. Her in depth knowledge, combined with her professionalism, passion, and commitment to support TRC initiatives would be of incredible value to any organization. Each time I have Laurie as a guest or hear her speak, I deepen my knowledge and strategies on how to move forward. It has been a privilege to have developed such a close professional relationship with her”