“Based on your expertise in the area of trauma in Indigenous women and children, your team recognized the need to augment the Connections Aboriginal curriculum with a component related to the promotion of cultural competency directed to Indigenous communities where culture and tradition has been deeply eroded as a result of colonization and genocide. Facilitators who attended the certified training were asked to complete an evaluation tool before and after attending the training. The tool assessed awareness, capacity, and confidence regarding engaging vulnerable families, supporting families experiencing interpersonal violence, safety delivering an interpersonal violence intervention, providing culturally and safe relevant programming for families in the community, among other relevant topics. Facilitators were also asked about their satisfaction with the structure and content of the training experience, the cultural relevance and safety of the training, and the level of preparation and knowledge of the presenters, among others.

We found the facilitators reported higher levels of awareness, confidence, and capacity after attending the training compared to before the training. We also found that 100% of the facilitators reported high satisfaction with the training.”